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Yerba Mate

Obviously mate isn't tea, but I figure this would be as an appropriate place to discuss it as any. I've recently developed an afternoon mate habit (particularly with a three hour afternoon class this semester, it's probably a decent thing). I'm currently working my way through some teabags of mate, but when I went to the shop, I saw that buying it loose was a whole lot cheaper than bagged, so I've got a one pound bag in my pantry.

Now, I've read up on the traditional way to prepare it (the gourd, the bombilla, etc) but... well, I both don't have the equipment and don't think that's terribly good for transport (as I tend to take my mate with me wherever I happen to be in the afternoon and sometimes that's in class or the library - neither of which would be great places for a gourd). At the moment I'm enjoying it when I prepare it like an herbal infusion and then pour it into a mug or travel mug - but is there a better way?
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