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Plutonian #2

Review: Nepal Top Oolong

Turns out Nepal has a tea production. Who knew? I didn't. Apparently Nepal produces quite a lot of tea, mainly black and green, and the tea from the easternmost regions are very similar to Darjeeling (and has in fact been sold as such due to the Darjeeling name being so valuable).

Quite by coincidence when looking for something else, I came across a Nepal Top Oolong at A C Perch's in Copenhagen which was definitely something I wanted to try. Fairly expensive with nearly 100 kr per 100 grams. This translates to about €13.4 or $19.2 for 100 grams, which was the smallest quantity they would allow me to buy through their webshop.

The leaves are relatively dark and look nicely twirled. There isn't really a lot of scent to them though.

The steeped tea is very light and yellowish in colour for an oolong and it smells sweet and somewhat nutty. The scent of it promises so much more than it actually delivers. It's a very mild flavour and almost no aftertaste at all, which makes it a nice tea, but it gets boring pretty quickly.

As it develops there is a little more aftertaste, but still not very much. It wasn't until the last few stewed dregs that I really got anything of the sort, and by that time it was turning slightly bitter.

It's definitely not a good morning tea, it's much too delicate in flavour for that. I'd take it for a tea break later in the day and probably not while eating something, since that would overpower what flavour it has.

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