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New Tea Rating & Review Website

Hello! I recently launched a website for rating and reviewing teas. It's meant for anyone who drinks tea, not just connoisseurs or experts:

Hopefully some of the people in this community will enjoy my website. The website is very young--and I'm being very responsive to requests. If a brand of tea or a particular tea is not listed and you want to rate it, there's a suggestion form and I will add it ASAP. I am listing everything from supermarket brands of teabag tea up through high-end loose teas, single-estate and rare teas. I hope to soon have local listings for tea houses and tea shops too.

My site also has information about different styles of tea and tea-producing regions. I am progressively adding more information as I add more teas, and as I do my own reading and research about tea.

:-) Enjoy! And drink lots of tea! :-)
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