Lydia Jen (lydiajen) wrote in teafreaks,
Lydia Jen

Tea that can be re-steeped

 I'm wondering if anyone else does this and how they do it.

I may make a pot of tea and I know that tea can be re-steeped but then sometimes I want to make a pot of a different kind of tea.

Usually I leave the leaves in the strainer for my pot.  But I'm wondering what I can do to keep them while I want to drink a different tea.

I do have a few different strainers for different sized cups/pots.  I suppose I could just transfer them to one of those.

I just didn't know if anyone had any other tips, suggestions or ideas for doing this that might be better.

Also, does anyone completely dry leaves that can be re-steeped later, and if so, I'm curious how?  I just leave mine damp but wondered if there's a way to dry them, if that would be better.
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