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Sunday, September 4th, 2011
9:38 am
Sunday, October 24th, 2010
6:02 pm
Traveling Tea Box
Hey everyone! I've got some time on my hands now that my classes are settling down, and I'm using it to start a traveling tea box.

I'd like to keep the group small, so if we have enough we can break it into two groups. Just e-mail me at loose_leaf_tea@hotmail.com with your name and tea preferences and I'll see about setting up a group or two. I'm aiming to send out by the 7th of November, so this is really going to move.


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Saturday, September 18th, 2010
9:24 pm
I've recently become aware of a tea shop in my area, so I went to investigate and saw that they have both bulk tea blends and bulk tea ingredients. I'd LOOOOVE to make my own tea blends, but I've no idea where to start, so... Does anyone know of any tea recipes? I tend to like stuff that's not overwhelmingly bitter, so that's my only "requirement". =P

The only recipes I've been able to find online are for chai tea. (I'm not complaining at all; I love chai tea! I'd just like some variety, yaknow?)

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Thanks in advance!
Tuesday, June 8th, 2010
10:10 am
Pu-erh cakes suggestion
So my friend and I have fallen in love with pu-erh, but it's been at tea shops that aren't exactly using quality pu-erh. We've also had to make do with poor quality tea bags. We were at a Chinese tea ceremony/tasting years ago and had good quality pu-erh, so we know we love the stuff. However, getting back to that original shop is extremely difficult, and would be our last resort.

I was wondering if anyone had any links or suggestions on where I could buy a good pu-erh cake online. She and I are going to split the cost, but we're hoping to get a quality cake for hopefully less than $80 (U.S.)

If we do have to end up going to the shop, how can we tell that we're getting quality, but not getting ripped off?

Thanks for the help!
Monday, May 10th, 2010
11:31 pm
Can't recall if anybody posted this yet -- http://steep.it/ , a little web based tea timer. Plenty of tea timer software out there, but it's so hard to tell safe from dodgy in the downloads. So I like this one!

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Thursday, April 22nd, 2010
4:03 pm

Adagio Teas is doing something so cool for Earth Day that I have to share it. They've set aside a few plots of land where you can choose what tea you want to grow (to help the whole "global warming" thing probably) and where you want to grow it, choose a plot, and if you keep up the Virtual Care for three years you get tea from your very own plant!

They're almost gone, though, so go there NOW!


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Thursday, March 11th, 2010
11:21 am
Interesting steeper on the market
So I have a steepster account (a sort of tea blog/twitter/log site for those who don't know about it. www.steepster.com for more info). My steepster account is linked to my twitter account. So invariably whenever I make a steepster post, it goes onto twitter and some bot or another suddenly friends me within seconds.

Eight Cranes friended me and luckily they had a link to their site talking about their "perfect steeper". (view here: http://www.eightcranes.com/perfect-steeper.html site has a video. Work safe) I watched the video twice and was like "Uh, yeah. So? My teapot does the same thing, and sometimes in larger quantities!" The site looked like any other website selling tea. I took a look at their press section though which clarified for me that this perfect steeper is really for travelers, which now started to make a lot more sense.
However, I ran into an issue. The claims for this product say that you can steep up to 10 or even 15 times from the same tea leaves, since this makes the perfect tea do to brewing method, etc. Question: Wouldn't that depend on the tea? And since there's no timer involved, isn't it possible to still over steep the tea, especially if you were new to tea?

I can see the merits of this product, especially if you travel a lot. I am half tempted to get it for the traveling I see in my future (and the distinct lack of good tea, save for one location).

Anyway, I'm hoping someone can answer my questions above in regards to steeping time and infusions. Also wondering if anyone else has heard about this.

(Note: I am not affiliated with Steepster or Eight Cranes. I just like tea.)

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Friday, February 19th, 2010
5:36 pm

have a good one!
Wednesday, November 4th, 2009
7:38 pm
Two tea blends I really love
It actually never occurred to me to try blending tea until I tried a couple of blends at Teavana.

The first one is a blend of White Arurvedic Chai & Samurai Chai Mate:
I actually had trouble getting into black chai teas, which is what I was initially introduced to...even though I normally like the mixture of spices in them.  I'm not sure what it was about the black chais but I couldn't tolerate them unless made into a latte.  These, on-the-other hand, mmm...I'm not sure how to put this in words...I guess since the chai spices are blended with lighter teas, the spice flavor just comes through in a much better way for me.  I guess w/the blacks I thought the tea itself was overpowering the spice and I thought I would never be a chai type of person till I tried this.

The second one is Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearls with Rooibos Tropica:
I have been a Jasmine drinker for a while but the first time I tried this blend in the store, I admit, I was expecting it to be more "jasminey" so at first I didn't take to it.  The second time, since my expectations were different, I tried it again and I left the store without it but ended up with a craving for it later that night and went back to buy it the next day.  The Rooibos Tropica, although it has strawberry notes, really adds more of a peachyness to the Jasmine Pearls.  So it's a bit more fruity.  In my husband's words, "this doesn't even taste like tea" but he meant it in a good way, and I agree, if someone told me it was a blend of fruits & honey, I'd probably believe them...but it's a really good blend.

I purchased the Jasmine Pearls and the Rooibos Tropica separately because I have a feeling the Rooibos Tropica may go well with the Silver Needle White Tea, although I haven't tried it yet.

Also, on my consecutive trips and re-trying of these blends, I realized they had a little something more to them in the store than what I was getting at home and that was their German Rock Sugar which seemed kinda pricey to me but a little goes a long way.  I never before sweetened anything other than the black teas I drink prior to trying the above mentioned blends.  Also, next time I'm buying it at their website because I live in a big city and the store is in a pricey area so the rock sugar is actually cheaper on the website.

I've never really written tea reviews and found myself fumbling for descriptive words here.  It's just that these blends have sort of opened my mind in a new way to trying things I didn't think I would even like before so I just wanted to share with you all.  If you have any advice on improving my descriptions I wouldn't mind.  Also, any questions, I'll be happy to try to answer to the best of my ability.

I don't mean to sound like I'm doing a sales pitch for Teavana but it's just recently that I found one locally so I couldn't help but go there a few times, and will probably keep going.


Edit: Forgot to add these hold up well to a minimum of two resteepings, depending on how quickly you go through it. I've resteeped the Chai blend up to 5 times and it was still pretty flavorful
Sunday, October 11th, 2009
5:26 pm
All summer I've been making tea with a couple of big regular decaf tea bags and a few mint leaves from the garden. Now that an ice storm has taken out the mint, I used a tea seep filled with mulling spices. Quite tasty!
11:48 am
Tea that can be re-steeped
 I'm wondering if anyone else does this and how they do it.

I may make a pot of tea and I know that tea can be re-steeped but then sometimes I want to make a pot of a different kind of tea.

Usually I leave the leaves in the strainer for my pot.  But I'm wondering what I can do to keep them while I want to drink a different tea.

I do have a few different strainers for different sized cups/pots.  I suppose I could just transfer them to one of those.

I just didn't know if anyone had any other tips, suggestions or ideas for doing this that might be better.

Also, does anyone completely dry leaves that can be re-steeped later, and if so, I'm curious how?  I just leave mine damp but wondered if there's a way to dry them, if that would be better.
Friday, October 9th, 2009
5:20 pm
Hey guys :) I  want to get my mum some tea caddies/canisters for her birthday but I'm having trouble finding some. I'd like them to be pretty or a little different - not just boring old tins or jars or something ;) 

I live in Australia and so I need the option of shipping internationally if you provide any websites ;)  I'm after 6 or so and I'd prefer them to be empty so I can choose a couple of teas to put in when her birthday gets a bit closer.

Thanks for your help!
Thursday, October 8th, 2009
5:20 pm
New Tea Rating & Review Website
Hello! I recently launched a website for rating and reviewing teas. It's meant for anyone who drinks tea, not just connoisseurs or experts:


Hopefully some of the people in this community will enjoy my website. The website is very young--and I'm being very responsive to requests. If a brand of tea or a particular tea is not listed and you want to rate it, there's a suggestion form and I will add it ASAP. I am listing everything from supermarket brands of teabag tea up through high-end loose teas, single-estate and rare teas. I hope to soon have local listings for tea houses and tea shops too.

My site also has information about different styles of tea and tea-producing regions. I am progressively adding more information as I add more teas, and as I do my own reading and research about tea.

:-) Enjoy! And drink lots of tea! :-)

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Sunday, September 27th, 2009
1:39 pm
Guanabana by Adagio Teas
I've reviewed this at Steepster a couple of months ago, but I'm drinking it right now, so I figured I might as well cross-re-post. Or something.

3 months old review with a few additional notesCollapse )

Also crossposted to moreteastea and teafortwo
Saturday, September 26th, 2009
10:47 pm
Cleveland Ohio - Japanese Tea Ceremony

Chanoyu: Japanese Tea Ceremony

The Japanese Tea Ceremony is one of the most highly refined traditional arts of Japan, influencing not only Japanese landscape gardening, but also the arts and values of social manners observed by Japanese people. Chanoyu appreciates the beauty, simplicity and spiritual tranquility that form the essential principles of Zen.

Join Sensei Myoshu Wren and students of Pittak’s Isshinryu Karate & Martial Arts Center to experience this unique demonstration in the Japanese Garden and sample Matcha (tea) and Okashi (sweets).

Seating is limited. Please register in advance online or by calling 216.721.1600 x100.

Date: Saturday, October 17, 2009; 2:00-3:00pm

Member Price: $16

Non-Member Price: $23

Location: Cleveland Botanical Garden 11030 East Boulevard Cleveland, Ohio 44106

For additional info, you may visit this website: http://www.cbgarden.org/Events/SummerTeaCeremony.html
Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009
12:44 pm
Black Dragon Pearls
When I was in Vegas, I stopped by Teavana and picked up some black dragon pearls because I fell in love with the smell. Now, I'm in total love with the tea. Teavana gave me about 2oz for $15. I got a decent dose of tea, and I still have plenty left.

Here's the part I need help on so to speak. Adagio also now has black dragon pearls for much cheaper than Teavana. I can get a whole 5oz for $20. A much better price in my opinion.

The question I'm trying to get at is, is it possible for the black dragon pearls to be different? I'm assuming it should all be the same as far as flavor goes.
When I need to reorder, should I go with Adagio or keep with Teavana? There's a Teavana relatively nearby, but I also have an account with Adagio, so mostly I guess I'm looking at price, making sure there's not much of a difference between tea, and I guess in some ways, asking you guys which provider you like best.

Thanks for the help.

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Wednesday, September 9th, 2009
9:54 pm
Review: Genmaicha from AC Perch's
I'm very fond of Genmaicha. It's one of my favourite greens. This one is from A. C. Perch's in Copenhagen and a completely unexpected addition to the cupboard. I bought a book from there, which I think I mentioned in my previous post. It's partly about tea in general and partly about the history of the shop. Apparently, as I discovered when I got it, when ordering the book on the publishing day they added a tin of Genmaicha. Freebie tea! I'm a fan. :D

reviewCollapse )

Also posted at Steepster, teafortwo and my own comm moreteastea
Sunday, September 6th, 2009
12:30 pm
Review: Nepal Top Oolong
Turns out Nepal has a tea production. Who knew? I didn't. Apparently Nepal produces quite a lot of tea, mainly black and green, and the tea from the easternmost regions are very similar to Darjeeling (and has in fact been sold as such due to the Darjeeling name being so valuable).

Quite by coincidence when looking for something else, I came across a Nepal Top Oolong at A C Perch's in Copenhagen which was definitely something I wanted to try. Fairly expensive with nearly 100 kr per 100 grams. This translates to about €13.4 or $19.2 for 100 grams, which was the smallest quantity they would allow me to buy through their webshop.

ReviewCollapse )

Also posted at Steepster, teafortwo and my own comm at moreteastea
Tuesday, September 1st, 2009
2:42 pm
Yerba Mate
Obviously mate isn't tea, but I figure this would be as an appropriate place to discuss it as any. I've recently developed an afternoon mate habit (particularly with a three hour afternoon class this semester, it's probably a decent thing). I'm currently working my way through some teabags of mate, but when I went to the shop, I saw that buying it loose was a whole lot cheaper than bagged, so I've got a one pound bag in my pantry.

Now, I've read up on the traditional way to prepare it (the gourd, the bombilla, etc) but... well, I both don't have the equipment and don't think that's terribly good for transport (as I tend to take my mate with me wherever I happen to be in the afternoon and sometimes that's in class or the library - neither of which would be great places for a gourd). At the moment I'm enjoying it when I prepare it like an herbal infusion and then pour it into a mug or travel mug - but is there a better way?
Sunday, August 30th, 2009
6:03 pm
Tea Bag Kimono
The original site and source is here at: http://rozveevers.wordpress.com/2008/11/05/my-sisters-tea-bag-kimono/

The short story is, a woman has taken all her tea bags for a period of time, and stiched them together to make..a kimono! I bet this is the best smelling kimono over, I love the smell of used tea bags! What a unique idea.

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