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Interesting steeper on the market

So I have a steepster account (a sort of tea blog/twitter/log site for those who don't know about it. www.steepster.com for more info). My steepster account is linked to my twitter account. So invariably whenever I make a steepster post, it goes onto twitter and some bot or another suddenly friends me within seconds.

Eight Cranes friended me and luckily they had a link to their site talking about their "perfect steeper". (view here: http://www.eightcranes.com/perfect-steeper.html site has a video. Work safe) I watched the video twice and was like "Uh, yeah. So? My teapot does the same thing, and sometimes in larger quantities!" The site looked like any other website selling tea. I took a look at their press section though which clarified for me that this perfect steeper is really for travelers, which now started to make a lot more sense.
However, I ran into an issue. The claims for this product say that you can steep up to 10 or even 15 times from the same tea leaves, since this makes the perfect tea do to brewing method, etc. Question: Wouldn't that depend on the tea? And since there's no timer involved, isn't it possible to still over steep the tea, especially if you were new to tea?

I can see the merits of this product, especially if you travel a lot. I am half tempted to get it for the traveling I see in my future (and the distinct lack of good tea, save for one location).

Anyway, I'm hoping someone can answer my questions above in regards to steeping time and infusions. Also wondering if anyone else has heard about this.

(Note: I am not affiliated with Steepster or Eight Cranes. I just like tea.)
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