Wendy Raimi (khlara) wrote in teafreaks,
Wendy Raimi

Pu-erh cakes suggestion

So my friend and I have fallen in love with pu-erh, but it's been at tea shops that aren't exactly using quality pu-erh. We've also had to make do with poor quality tea bags. We were at a Chinese tea ceremony/tasting years ago and had good quality pu-erh, so we know we love the stuff. However, getting back to that original shop is extremely difficult, and would be our last resort.

I was wondering if anyone had any links or suggestions on where I could buy a good pu-erh cake online. She and I are going to split the cost, but we're hoping to get a quality cake for hopefully less than $80 (U.S.)

If we do have to end up going to the shop, how can we tell that we're getting quality, but not getting ripped off?

Thanks for the help!
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